Sunday, April 3, 2011

Colors of Faith Easter Egg

I love this colorful Easter Egg, it uses the different colors to tell us about Easter.

We used: Yellow, Red, White, Green, Blue and Purple construction paper, glue or glue stick, scissors and a marker.
Cut all the colored paper except white into 2 in strips and glue on the strips to the white paper.

Draw an egg shape on the back and cut out.
Write what each color represents on the colored strips.

Yellow represents God's perfect light

Red represents the blood Jesus shed for us.

White represents the cleansing of our sins.

Green represents the new life we have Jesus.

Blue represents the baptism that identifies us with Jesus.

Purple represents the crown of life.

You could also use these colors to make a "Colors of Faith" Easter bracelet with beads.

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JRose said...

Love this idea. We do a similar poem with jelly beans that includes 7 colours.

Nicole Auld said...

I am new to your website and I love your ideas. Thanks for sharing with us. We are going to do the color of the eggs and attempt to do lamb as well.

Mozer said...

Thank you! I linked it in my Wordless Book article:

Ess said...

I just did this activity w/my 4 year old. Thanks!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Very nice!